May 2015

May meeting 1

The Emotionally Intelligent Coach: how do we manage our own emotional intelligence in order to serve our clients best?

Our goal as coaches is to help our clients be their best. Liz will share with the group some thoughts about how we manage our own EI, whilst helping our clients build and support their own. What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent, and what does it mean to be an emotionally intelligent coach? How we do influence our clients by our own EI? How do we notice when it drops and what happens when it does?

Liz will share some activities to help support robust EI that encourage a great relationship between coach and client, and as ever there will be opportunities to put them into coaching practice in the group.

liz_wilsonLiz Wilson is the co-author of Emotional Intelligence Coaching. She delivers workshops to organisations in the UK and beyond on self-management, work/life balance and personal and corporate wellness. She has designed and delivered training in coaching and mentoring skills, and is a qualified coach, mentor and supervisor of coaches.