June 2015

June meeting

Stress, anxiety and related psychological disorders cost people, organisations and the economy billions of pounds each year in terms of lost productivity and performance. More importantly it can have enormous and far-reaching consequences for those suffering, often needlessly.  What is it, as coaches, we can do to support our clients, to increase and maintain their overall sense of wellbeing and equilibrium in their daily lives? The key is to support them in understanding their personal resilience, how it works, what approaches and techniques work best for them, and how they can incorporate these changes into their lives to improve the overall quality for the better. In this presentation I intend to share with you the latest thinking and research in the field of personal resilience, as well as some case studies. I will also be introducing a new model and programme for developing resilience which I co-developed with a fellow coach, Julie Hickton, author of The tree of resilience. My style tends to be highly interactive so in line with all the best coaching approaches to presentations and learning, be prepared to get involved!

JuneElaine Akester, founder of emintell Ltd is a highly experienced executive coach, facilitator and ex-practising lawyer. One of her particular areas of interest and expertise is in resilience, for both individuals and teams within organisational settings. Together with a fellow coach, Elaine has developed a new model and programme in resilience development, building on the work of other researchers and experts in this area. Elaine speaks regularly on this topic at a range of forums, including at coaching and NHS conferences, and is an engaging and highly credible presenter.