September 2015

Sept Unharnessed, our strengths can become our weaknesses. Our best traits can become our traps. Kim Morgan’s recently published book The Coach’s Casebook explores the twelve common traits that can derail clients and limit their potential. Traits such as: impostor syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination, people pleasing and fierce independence, these are also the traits that can derail coaches in their work. In this workshop, Kim will address these traits through a supervision lens. Delegates will:

▪ Gain an understanding of all twelve traits

▪ Explore the idea of overdone and underdone traits

▪ Use a diagnostic to establish your own trait map as a coach

▪ Consider how your own trait map impacts upon your coaching practice

▪ Acquire a supervision framework to help bring your traits into balance

Kim Morgan photoKim Morgan was one of the UK’s very first executive business and personal coaches and is widely recognised as a pioneer in the coaching industry. She is the owner and managing director of Barefoot Coaching Ltd. With over 25 years’ experience in psychology and people development, a huge number of organisations and individuals have benefitted from Kim’s coaching skills, experience and advice.

She now specialises in delivering mentor and coach education at all levels of business, working with companies across the UK The Coachs Casebook_for weband Europe, to create a ‘coaching culture’ and to drive business improvement and cultural change in the workplace.

Kim has also been instrumental in establishing regulation within the coaching industry; pioneering Barefoot’s now world-renowned University accredited coach training programme.