June 2016

CC June

Selling yourself and the services you offer can often be the most challenging aspect of establishing or growing your business.

In this workshop Nick will share some effective techniques which will help you overcome the barriers to sales, increase the number of successful presentations and win more clients.

This will be an interactive event and will cover a number of key topics including:

  • What is selling?
  • Important Skills for selling and overcoming fear.
  • Making effective telephone calls.
  • Lead generation and prospecting.
  • Understanding the Buying Process.

Please come with an open mind and be receptive to learning some new skills to enhance your business.

Untitled1Nick Banyard has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of sales, sales training and sales leadership and management having spent his entire career in sales. He has built his skill set and expertise through a combination of hands-on experience reflected through success in the roles he has held, and a self-disciplined approach towards personal development. As an award-winning sales leader, Nick has held a number of senior positions in the sales hierarchy as well as previously running his own successful sportswear business. An expert in recruiting, training, developing and managing self-employed sales teams, Nick is passionate about helping others achieve success in sales.

  • More than 35 years’ experience in sales, sales training and sales leadership and management
  • Over 25 years’ experience recruiting, training and developing sales teams
  • Extensive experience in direct sales having worked for several global direct selling companies in various leadership roles including National Sales Director and Country Manager
  • Twice winner of Business Unit of The Year Award
  • Winner of the Direct Selling Association ‘Most Inspirational Direct Selling Company’ award
  • Winner of European Vision Award recognising outstanding leadership and record-breaking corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme
  • Recruited, trained and developed in excess of 3,000 self-employed direct sales personnel.
  • Achieved success in B2B and B2C environments in customer facing and management roles
  • Responsible for several successful business ‘turnaround’ situations achieving year on year overall sales increases of up to 40% and new business sales increases of up to 25%

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