August 2016

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When working with coaching clients it is important to look beyond the level of the individual and take a view of the whole system in which they operate.  A client’s system is made up of a wide array of interacting elements that make up their life  These include personal, professional and organisational elements such as their family, their relationships at work and the culture they work within.  A systemic approach takes some, or all, of these elements into account and recognises that when working only at the level of the individual crucial information about the wider system may be lost.

As systemic facilitator John Whittington states:

“However well an individual performs and aligns themselves with their values, motivations and goals, the hidden forces that act in organizational systems will affect and often compromise their individual skills, talent and performance.”

A systemic approach recognises that there are hidden patterns and dynamics within a client’s system.  By working systemically as coaches we can support our clients in gaining awareness of these often unconscious dynamics and also to gain access to information and resources in the wider system.

As coaches if we don’t work systemically we are at risk of missing vital information which is held in the client’s system which may prevent progress and sustainable results for the coaching.  As Peter Senge writes in his book The Fifth Discipline:

“Business and human endeavors are systems…we tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of the system. And wonder why our deepest problems never get solved.” 

In this highly interactive session Nicky will help to answer the following questions…

  • What is systemic coaching?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can we support our clients to become aware of and work with the hidden dynamics in their systems?

Nicky Lowe

Nicky Lowe is founder of Luminate Development ( and as an APECS accredited Executive Coach supports executives navigate the challenges of leadership and organisational life.  Luminate was launched in 2006 and over that time Nicky has helped to improve the lives of literally hundreds of executives and always feel privileged that she’s invited by some of the world’s biggest companies to support their talented leaders. Prior to extensively studying systemic coaching Nicky used a person centred approach.  Her systemic training fundamentally changed her perspective on how she now supports her clients deal with the often challenging dynamics of organisational life.

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