November 2016

Meeting banner Nov 16

It is one of my deeply held beliefs that coaching needs to go beyond the territory of merely supporting individuals in working towards their own personal goals and ambitions. In this session, we will explore the wider context in which coaching sits – the world we and our coachees live in.

If coaching is to have a real future, and truly to be of service in this world, then coaches need to acknowledge the global concerns we are facing, from environmental and political issues to questions of wealth inequality and poverty. Some of these questions may be uncomfortable territory for us, but they are the critical questions of the world we, and our coachees, inhabit, and we need to explore them in order to better serve our coachees and our world. It is increasingly clear that more of the same is not an option – human beings have to engage with fundamental questions about the assumptions we have made about how we live and work, and I believe that coachees have a very important part to play in these questions.

This will be a thought-provoking and stimulating conversation, offering questions and new perspectives about coaching and the world in which we do our work. Participants will leave, provoked and stirred to reflect on some powerful questions about our work and what it can serve.

AboodiAboodi Shabi has been a pioneer and leader in the UK and European Coaching community since 1997. He was a founding co-President of the UK ICF, serving the profession at all levels internationally. He has worked with thousands of coaches and leaders across the world.

He also writes regularly about coaching, and is on the editorial board for Coaching at Work magazine. He has spoken at coaching conferences and chapters all over the world, and is an invited facilitator on mastery in coaching for various European coaching schools.

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