September 2016

Meeting banner Sept 16

When we begin our coaching journey we often see it as a rigid process to follow – it might be using the GROW model, or trying to remember the Clean Language questions. And as we become more experienced, we start to develop our own style and use only those models that make us feel comfortable. (That’s why Coaching Connections is so useful in shaking us out of our comfort zone.)

But this session will take us right back to why we wanted to become a coach, and remind us of those rock-bottom, non-negotiable principles of good quality coaching whatever model we choose to use. We will be taking a look at ourselves and our motivations to be a coach, and practicing some of the basics with some coaching exercises.

2b12fc1Anita Pickerden has been coaching individuals and groups since 2004, and specialises in work life balance and older workers. She also works as an associate coach with Claire Jenkins on interview coaching assignments.

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