February 2017


‘Thinking Independently’

We all like to believe that we are good thinkers who know our own minds and can work our way towards resolving ambivalence, making great decisions and taking purposeful action. But how good are we really at thinking independently? Do we enjoy the opportunity to recognise, gather and explore our thoughts or do we actually find it a bit scary? Can we maintain focus? Can we think constructively when invited to pause and reflect? And as coaches, can we listen so well that others are truly freed up to think?

In this session, Lesley Matile will present some of Nancy Kline’s ideas from the Thinking Environment and describe how the T. E. can add real value to ourselves firstly, and then to our clients. More Time to Think by Nancy Kline, is a must read for all coaches, challenging us to help our clients to access their very best thinking in pursuit of their goals.

Together, we will unpack how we can help our clients along the road to thinking for themselves and encourage them to see how far they can go with their own thinking before they need ours.  We will learn how to offer that empowering generative attention.  We will practice a sequence of questions that helps clients think their way through what may be holding them back,  and of course …..  we will have an opportunity to do some great thinking ourselves.

So do join us and listen out for the starter question – what would you like to think about, and what are your thoughts? 

LM Photo 2016 High Res.jpg

Lesley Matile established Peak Performance Coaching in 2000 following an earlier career in the Probation Service. She delivers executive coaching, coach training and coach supervision. She is accredited by the EMCC at Master Practitioner Level and accredited as a Time to Think Coach.



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