March 2017


This will be an interactive session using film, images and music!

Featuring examples of coaching which will illustrate how the effective use of multimedia (including YouTube videos) can add real value to your coaching.

David will be drawing on the latest research by Jayne Warrilow author of ‘The Coaches Roadmap’.

“Your client is working with you because they want their life to change. Dramatically. You need to offer a multi-media approach that facilitates your client’s learning and accelerates their transformation”. During this session, we will be exploring ‘What Your Coaching Clients Want From You’.

image1David Wetton brings a unique blend of corporate, academic and spiritual depth to consulting and coaching. With extensive experience of working at executive level in UK FTSE 100 companies and a Master’s Research Degree in ‘Exploring the Role of Spirituality in the Workplace’ at Durham University Business School; exploring the impact which well-being at work has on employee productivity, profitability and life satisfaction.  For David, spiritual means understanding what gives meaning and purpose to life and making a difference to communities of people.

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