January 2018

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Lesley Matile of www.ppcoaching.co.uk will be facilitating this CPD session on:

Narratives and Meaning Making in Coaching

Most of us are unaware of the constant ‘meaning making’ in which we are engaged as a result of our numerous experiences, but we each slowly design our own highly personalised, influential and sometimes limiting ‘story of the world’.

Coaching centring on ‘meaning making’ enables the client to review their assumptions, perceptions and beliefs that are relevant to their goals and ambitions. Enlightened by more accurate and helpful meanings, now integrated into an empowering and up to date ‘story of the world’, previously unseen opportunities appear as possibilities for the client to move forward. It’s as if some blinkers have been removed.

OK, if I look at it like that, well that’s a whole new ball game ……..


Lesley will run a highly interactive session packed with ideas to help us recognise our own story of the world first and then, how we might help our clients to do likewise.

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