May 2018

Kim Morgan 18 copy.001

In this workshop, Kim will explore how valuable it is for coaches to understand the systems in which our clients are operating – whether they are individual, group or team clients.  A system can be:  a family, a work team, an organisation, other people in your life, aspects of yourself, people from your past or from your present.  A constellation is a term which describes a system as a set of elements in relation to one another… like the constellations we see when we look up at the sky at night.

The workshop will include a mix of theory and practice and will cover the following areas and include two practice coaching sessions for participants:

  • Our early experiences of groups or systems and their impact on us
  • Lessons from family therapy and group dynamics theory
  • Understanding the role of a system in supporting or inhibiting change
  • Making maps or constellations of systems (drawing, using objects, playdough or human sculpting)
  • Victim, Rescuer, Hero retrospective review of constellation

Kim Morgan is Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of coaching and University Accredited Coach Training. Kim was one of the UK’s first executive business and personal coaches, who has pioneered and led externally certified University Masters Level Post Graduate Awards in Coach Training since 2001.

Kim is a sought-after conference speaker on all aspects of coaching and coach education, leadership and leadership development, psychology and change management. With over 25 years’ experience of psychology and people development, across all sectors of public and private business, Kim draws extensively on her experiences of what universally works to make great leaders, successful individuals, successful teams and outstanding organisations.

Kim morganKim is a specialist in delivering coach education at all levels within organisations, working to help them to implement a coaching culture. Kim specialises in working with senior leaders, team coaching and working with senior teams to bring about greater cohesion and performance and improved results. “Spending time in Kim’s company is one of life’s great pleasures. Kim has a rare talent to understand the mind and help you arrange the contents to the very best effect for your personal and professional  wellbeing”   Professor Damian Hughes


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