August 2018

August meeting.001

Our popular “Coaching in Trios” session will include a mixture of practical coaching in trios (coach, coachee, observer) for those who wish to take advantage of a practical opportunity to learn through doing or observing, along with those who want to receive a short coaching session.

For those who prefer we will facilitate an action learning style session or a networking opportunity, with the chance to chat in small groups about coaching topics of interest, including follow up to topics covered in the Coaching Connections programme.

Often members and guests find this an excellent way to consolidate learning from earlier sessions, make useful contacts and gain new insights.

If there weather permits there will be a “walk and coach” option for those who want to experience how a change in environment and movement can facilitate new learning and shifts in thinking.

“Thank you all for a fabulous Coaching Connections session this morning – so much learning, insight, generosity and support” – a comment from Diane Rance who attended our July 2018 session which was facilitated with an action learning approach.

The session will be facilitated by Irene Bayliss, Frances Hayes and Jayne Sharples

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