September 2018

September meeting.001Rachel Donath will be running a practical and experiential session to explore embodied learning within coaching.
In a cerebral and fast paced world, our bodies are often seen and experienced as simply a vehicle to carry our minds from A to B. By doing this, we are potentially ignoring powerful information that our bodies hold on how we see, experience and respond to our environment. As coaches, learning how to access more information expands our options of how to work with our clients and can create transformational shifts in ourselves and others.
The workshop will be highly experiential and include:
  • A range of ways to experience embodied learning
  • Opportunities to practise new ways of working
  • Introduction to some of the key theory that underpins embodied work
Rachel Donath is Head of Learning and Development for a national law firm and is a part time tutor on Warwick University’s coaching faculty. She also has a small private coaching practice.

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