November 2018

November meeting.001 copy

This interactive session is an exploration of the role and use of metaphor within coaching with the opportunity to explore your own metaphor and symbolic landscape.  It is inspired in part by David Grove, James Lawley and Penny Tompkins and their work with Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language.

Metaphor has long been used as a means of relating new learning to existing experience. Just how transformative working with metaphor can be is a more recent dimension. Metaphors can be verbal expressions, non-verbal, material or imaginative and exploration can lead to new ways of perceiving one’s self and one’s world. Potential outcomes are a change in everyday thinking, feeling and behaviour,  a reorganisation of symbolic perceptions, greater self-awareness, new insights, being more at peace with one’s self and more able to enrich the life of others.

ireneIrene has been a coordinator of Coaching Connections since it first started in 2005 and through EyeJBee Ltd, she offers coaching & development solutions to businesses and individuals.  As part of her own metaphor landscape she thinks of coaching as ‘releasing the fountain of potential within us’ and has long had an interest in the ‘power’ of metaphor for both coaching and learning.

You can find out more about Irene by visiting the EyeJBee website at

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