February 2019

Feb meeting.001

In this experiential session ‘The Soul of Coaching’, David will share some Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence awareness tools, to help coaches develop a greater self-awareness within their coaching practice.

Breakthrough tools, which they can use in turn with their coachees, to improve their coaching effectiveness.

As a mentor once said to him: “David, you can only take your coachees, as deep as you have been prepared to go yourself”

His inspiration for ‘The Soul of Coaching’ comes from Deepak Chopra, who teaches a course called ‘The Soul Of Leadership’ to executives attending the MBA course at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Illinois. Deepak teaches executives to develop a greater self-awareness; so that they better understand how their perceptions affect the outcome of business situations. He teaches that such perceptions come from the “inner life” of leaders and the groups they lead.

image1David is a Faith Based Executive Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Thought Leader and Warwick Business School Alumni Mentor.  He offers tailored leadership coaching and consulting, working with groups of executives in transformational organisational workshops. David brings a unique blend of corporate, academic and spiritual depth to his coaching and consulting.



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