September 2019


TRUST forms the foundation for every successful relationship, including relationships with existing and potential coachees. A trusted coach is one who is frequently recommended to others.Consider the last time you suspected someone of a wrong doing and the impact that it had on your relationship with them? A lack of TRUST puts everything into question and speculation driven by emotional reactions often overrides the rational and pragmatic reality.

Your reputation as a coach can be won or lost based on TRUST. A promise not kept, last minute changes, arriving late ………………….

David Maister et al have developed an equation for Trust, an equation that helps move trust from something that is intangible and difficult to describe, to something tangible.

Join us to explore the Trust equation and what Trust means for:            

  • You as a coach
  • Team coaching
  • Your coaching practice that you offer in your workplace or as part of your business

This highly interactive session will help you to identify how to build and deepen trust to grow your coaching practice/business.

Our facilitators:

The Manufacturer tall

Fiona AndersonvaluingYOU and My Change Expert, works in partnership with clients, ensuring that investment in change delivers results. Registered as an NHS Executive Coach, she creates the space for coachees to explore, develop and own their solutions to accelerate personal and business transformation. Founder of The Greater Birmingham Engage for Success Network, recognised as an Exemplar Driver of Culture Change by The Manufacturer, Awarded for Inspiring Employee Engagement in UK.


Diane Rance, Creating value with people, is a qualified Executive Coach and Mentor Diane Chamber link photowho works alongside senior leaders who want to take time to  develop themselves and their teams. She is solution focused and, having worked at an executive level herself, has a clear understanding of many of the challenges facing her clients. Diane is also a Council Member of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.


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