October 2019

October meeting .001

As Winston Churchill said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts!”

Sounds a little dramatic doesn’t it? Well the fact of it is we can all suffer from “business development paralysis” as a result of how we process rejection and fail to build resilience. 

What you can expect from this session:

  • Understand why sales activity may not translate into actual new business
  • Managing the impact of self-limiting beliefs on business development
  • Dealing with automatic negative thoughts
  • How Cognitive Behavioural Coaching can improve business development
  • Increase your self-confidence

Coaches may be familiar with some aspects of the above. The objective of the session will be to help you understand more about how it applies to sales. Helping those who run their own independent practice to apply new tactics for business development activity. Helping others to reflect more broadly to consider implications for when working with clients from within the business world.

image1Nick Banyard has extensive experience in Country Manager and Sales Director roles at Management Board level and a sustained record of success in driving significant sales growth and profitability Nick has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of sales, sales training and sales leadership and management. An award-winning sales leader, Nick has held a various positions in the sales hierarchy and is an expert in recruiting, training, developing, managing and leading sales teams. Working as a Consultant focussed on Leadership Development, Bespoke Coaching and Mentoring, Sales Advancement and Strategic Thinking & Planning Nick is passionate about helping others achieve success in sales and leadership.



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