January 2020

Jan 2020.001

As coaches, I believe that an important part of our role is to help our clients to identify life-long learnings, in addition to finding ways forward on their challenges.

But do we enable our clients to identify, reach out and grab those learnings and then apply them repeatedly to maximise future effectiveness?

Do you ask specific learning questions like;

What are you learning about your key strength in this situation?

What are you learning about your areas for development?

What are you learning about where you get in your own way?

What are you learning about the circumstances in which you thrive?

Where else could you apply those learnings to raise performance?

This session will explore ways to integrate learning reviews into our everyday coaching. There will be two guided exercises, so bring along for discussion something you have done that you would consider a success and something where you got mixed results. Come looking forward to spending time identifying some key learnings to help you and your clients excel still further.

Lesley Matile established Peak Performance Coaching in 2000 following an earlier career in the Probation Service. She delivers executive coaching, coach training and coach supervision. She is accredited by the EMCC at Master Practitioner Level and accredited as a Time to Think Coach.

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