September 2020

Reflecting on ExperienceReflective practice is.. the conscious examination of past experiences, thoughts and ways of doing things.  Its goal is to surface learning about oneself and the situation, and to bring meaning to it in order to inform the present and the future. It challenges the status quo of practice, thoughts and assumptions and may therefore inform our decisions, actions, attitudes, beliefs and understanding about ourselves.

A process found at the heart of all experience-based learning theories is reflective practice (Kolb, 1984). Research has shown that coaches learn through reflective practice (Trudel & Gilbert, 2006). Further, reflection could provide a bridge linking knowledge gained from professional practice, observations, coaching theory, and education.

Through engaging in reflective practice coaches can assess their practice in line with their coaching philosophy. This will benefit coaches in the following ways: (1) determining how their practice aligns with their philosophy (i.e., do they live what they believe in?) (2) exploring the appropriateness of their philosophy for coaching their clients; and, (3) informing the continued evolvement of their philosophy to ensure it represents their own values and beliefs whilst also being conducive to coaching according to the client needs and expectations.

In our September session, we will look again at the principles of Reflective practice, an essential discipline for all coaches, and do some practical work to reinforce our learning around Reflection-in-Action and Reflection-on-Action.

Lucy Mair

Lucy has a background in providing leadership development for key talented Senior Managers and Directors within a global leadership development programme in the corporate sector since 2001.  She qualified as an Executive Coach with the OCM in 2012 and works with a diverse portfolio of Senior Managers, Directors and Partners to enable career transition, improved performance, deeper self-knowledge and an ongoing curiosity for development

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