January 2021

Many of our clients have challenges around some aspect of their confidence. They sometimes hesitate about taking action and may doubt their own ability to achieve their goals. 

As coaches, we are not cheerleaders for our clients! But, we can play an important part in helping them to recognise the skills and attributes they already have and how those may assist them. And we can help clients identify some simple steps they can take to build further self-confidence in the areas that will enable them to meet, maybe even exceed, their goals. 

Enjoy this interactive and fun virtual session. Have in mind one area where you would like a bit more confidence, and let’s try out some coaching ideas together.

Lesley Matile

Lesley Matile established Peak Performance Coaching in 2000 following an earlier career in the Probation Service. She delivers executive coaching, coach training and coach supervision. She is accredited by the EMCC at Master Practitioner Level and accredited as a Time to Think Coach.

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