March 2021

This session will help you to think about and experience the power of visual communication.  We will use the GROW model and a visual metaphor to help enable you think about something that you would like to focus on during the next 12months/ longer.  You will be encouraged to represent the different stages of the grow model by creating a picture.  I will facilitate you through this process so bring a selection of coloured pens/pencils/crayons and a big piece of paper – if you don’t have this then a piece of A4 paper will be fine.  There will be an opportunity to reflect on how you experienced using visual creativity to supplement a coaching process, and whether this could be a useful mechanism for coachees.

This session will be led by Anna Geyer, New Possibilities.  A visual practitioner who is passionate about facilitating people’s voices to be heard and seen; to bring about change.  

To book a place to join this session please contact Jayne or Irene – contact details here.

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