September 2021

As a coach, you know you have more connected and impactful experiences with your clients when the idea of ‘me’ is out of the way. But how do you make that happen more often?

How can this apparent ‘me’ that brings up fears and insecurities in your work be quieter so that you are the powerful space of transformation for your clients more of the time?

My journey took me from the basics of GROW into more sophisticated versions of that, and then into psychology-based coaching with Barefoot Coaching. Each stage having a profound effect on my experience of life just at the time it was needed.

Then, I reached another end-of-the-road point where I felt that, despite all the work I’d done on myself and my psychology, I was still behaving in ways outside of client sessions that didn’t align with the emotionally intelligent coach my clients saw, and which didn’t make sense given all this work I’d done on my beliefs. So what now?

It led me beyond psychology into an exploration of who we really are, our spiritual nature – this is the space of transformation. The more I explored there, the more I found myself being that transformative space for clients, naturally. The chattery voice of the mind no longer impacting on the experience. And *music to my ears* with no meditation, mindfulness or other practices required.

This is what we’re all looking for, and understanding who we really are and how our system works, enables us to be that.

Session overview:

  1. An introduction to the reliable mechanism of the mind – the essence of all spiritual traditions*
  2. The misunderstanding of what suffering is here to tell us
  3. How seeing who we really are, before thought, awakens us to innate brilliance
  4. What gets in the way – even when we think we’re sitting with unconditional positive regard
  5. The reliable guidance mechanism to what’s going on

*If you have an allergic reaction to the idea of spiritual, consider that it’s not what you think it is and come and take a fresh look behind the curtain of all the dogma that’s been created around it.

Short bio:

Helen Amery

My first major transformation (OK, second after having kids!) occurred when I had a hip replacement in 2013, this is what spurred me into coaching. It began with transactional-level coaching but I soon realised there was more to see and so I did my Barefoot qualification, left corporate life and started my own business in 2014.

As you’d expect, many more transformations occurred during my Barefoot journey, which was the foundation to my work for almost 5 years. And yet there came a point when I started to suspect even more was available. As questions arose about ‘how can I still be in this behaviour pattern?’ and through hearing my yoga teacher talk about Buddha, I began an exploration into the essence of spirituality, awakening and enlightenment (specifically The Three Principles and NonDuality); alongside the science and philosophy (which seem to be confirming everything the East have known for millennia). I felt like I’d found exactly what I was looking for.

Having experienced my own awakening and ongoing enlightenment, my work is now to reconnect coaches and leaders to that innate brilliance – the space of transformation – that they already are. Find out more about my work at:

To book on to this session please contact Jayne or Irene

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  1. nestinginstinct1

    Hi there,
    I was a little unsure where to leave a message regarding booking on to your group meeting on Saturday morning?

    Thought I’d try here first.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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