March 2022

What key issue will the session address?

In this session David will share some Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence tools to help coaches develop a greater self-awareness within their coaching practice; tools which will improve their coaching effectiveness and results.

As a mentor once said to him: “David, you can only take your coachees as deep as you have been prepared to go yourself”

Why ‘Soul of Coaching’?
 “Soul” is about who a person most deeply is (Margaret Benefiel, ‘The Soul of a Leader’, 2008)

‘Soul of Coaching is about empowering clients to get in touch with the deepest understanding of who they truly are, ..and express this understanding, their unique soul gifts, in the workplace.’ (David Wetton, 2019)

Who is David Wetton?

David is a Faith Based Executive Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Thought Leader and UK Warwick Business School Alumni Mentor.
David brings a deep understanding of what gives meaning and purpose to life from the perspective of the Soul; and making a difference to the lives of others through transformational coaching

Why Should I Attend?
‘David Wetton is one of those rare human beings, with an extraordinary depth to his being and his work. When I met him for the first time it was as if my soul “recognized” him. I can’t speak highly enough of his work, Soul of Coaching will be an extraordinary training, get there if you can!’
~ Jayne Warrilow, Founder of Coaches Business School, Business & Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author

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