May 2022

The May Coaching Connections session is designed to share the wisdom within our group giving you the time to think about how to find and develop your coaching niche. Even if building a coaching business is not for you, this session will help you to reflect on your “signature” and how you show up as a coach.

The session will include three key parts and will be led by Jayne Sharples and Irene Bayliss with contributions from our panel of coaches:

  • Asha Gosh – Women and creative and communications sector
  • Diane Rance – Corporate and senior leadership coaching
  • Sarah Robinson – Retirement and career coaching
  • Eve Uhlig – Researchers in Higher Education

In part one the panel will share their experience of finding and developing a niche, and their top tips based on what they have learned along the way. You will have the chance to ask questions in the plenary before a deeper dive in small breakout groups in part two of the session.

The group time in part two will give participants the chance to work with one of the panel members choosing the speaker which most resonates in terms of alignment to your coaching journey. You will be given the chance to reflect on your own situation and to work with others to explore options, opportunities and next steps. Whether you have a successful coaching practice which you want to grow, or you are at the start of your journey or if you simply want to reflect on how you show up as a coach then there will be space for you to think and to tap in to the wisdom of the group.

Our final part of the session is about next steps and action. With a thinking partner you will have the chance to reflect on your learning from the morning and to commit to actions.

We look forward to a motivating session which will enable a sharing of wisdom from within the Coaching Connections community.

The names of our panel members will be announced in due course.

Irene and Jayne are the group co-ordinators for Coaching Connections, go to About Us to find out more.

To find out more about our panel please visit go to LinkedIn:

Asha –

Diane –

Sarah –

Eve –

Please contact us to book your place at the session.

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