November 2022

In this session led by Andy Chandler, Managing Director from Barefoot Coaching we will explore systemic coaching and will be introduced to some practical tools to coach with the whole system in mind. We will explore how coaching can be made so much more powerful when we are prepared to coach the whole system which includes, but is not limited to, the person in front of us. During the session Andy will share his own systemic coaching journey and practice. For those of you whose coaching takes place in a corporate environment we will take some time to acknowledge that organisations are in many ways unnatural and temporary entities and yet, like any system, they conform to some important organising principles not least of which is the importance of finding our place and belonging. To tune into the system when coaching an individual we simply need to create a map, sit back and see what unfolds. During this session Andy will demonstrate a powerful technique for making a map together and you’ll have an opportunity to work in pairs to try out what you’ve learned. 

Andy Chandler

Andy Chandler has over 30 years’ experience working as a senior leader across multiple sectors including retail, healthcare and professional services. He first joined Barefoot Coaching as a delegate on the flagship programme in 2014. He calls consciously doing so in the hope of being able to strengthen his leadership with the power of coaching whilst also reflecting that perhaps he was also exploring other alternatives to future career options!

The training was, in his words, a revelation that ignited his passion for discovering the power of coaching and affirmation of his self-confessed status as a life-long learner.

Little did he know then that he would return to Barefoot Coaching in 2021 as Managing Director after several years of building and running his own coaching business. To find out more about Andy and Barefoot Coaching go to:

As well as working on the business, he works in the business as a Barefoot trained, ICF accredited PCC coaching. He has a passion for working with leadership teams and is a practitioner and continuous student of the practise of systemic coaching.

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