January 2023

Why would I be interested in Awakening?

Helen Amery and Sara Priestley are joining us in January to introduce us to the topic of awakening – what it is, who it’s for, why you might be interested in awakening, and the specific path of awakening that they’ve written about in their newly published book – The Complete Book of Awakening.

After years of their own respective awakening explorations and guiding clients on the journey, Helen and Sara realised that there is a simplicity and logic to recognising your essential nature – which is what awakening is. Given this, and their passion for bringing awakening out of the shrouds of mystery, they decided to capture the complete journey of awakening in a practical book: a workshop in a book. The book guides you in the journey, step by step, with practical explorations that you test against your everyday experience. This means that you too can live with the knowing of who you really are – which is the contentment, peace and ease that you’ve been looking for everywhere else in life. 

On the day they will:

Share about their own respective journeys

Tell us about awakening and the process of it

Invite you to take part in the kind of experiments they offer in the book

Get into discussion and answer your questions

Helen’s coaching journey began back in 2013 and soon after doing her Barefoot Coaching qualification she left corporate life and started her own business in 2014.

Find out more about Helen and her work at: https://wildfigsolutions.co.uk

Sara had a career in corporate IT before leaving to become a massage therapist and then Pilates teacher before discovering the inward exploration of ourself which she now teaches and guides others in. Find out more about Sara: https://www.sarapriestley.com

You can find out more about The Complete Book of Awakening and purchase the book at this link.

It is not essential to read the book before the session!

To book your place at this session email Jayne or Irene.

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