March 2023

The session led by Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn will start with brand building and a focus on authenticity and visibility. Creating clarity on your ideal client and the problem the coach solves. Building an ideal client avatar. 

A vision and growth plan, including a business model and marketing plan will then be considered.

Finally we will discuss confidence and a Growth Mindset – Why these are important as a coach. What would you do if you had more confidence? Identify any blocks. How to build Unshakeable Confidence.  How to shift into a growth mindset.

The session will include discussion led by Kirsteen with a breakout after each session to further discuss and consolidate thoughts.

By the end of the session, you will have created clarity around opportunities for growth and how to tap into these opportunities. Whether you have a coaching business or you want time to reflect on your development as a coach, this session promises to stimulate ideas and help you gain clarity.

This session will give you a taster of content from Kirsteen’s Profitable Pathway Programme, you can find more information about this programme here

Kirsteen is an experienced senior leader with 15 years at Director level in a large corporation. 

She has a proven track record in delivering commercial growth and cultural transformation across large teams.

After experiencing stress and anxiety in her life and losing her confidence for the first time in her career, Kirsteen created her business Return to Work in November 2019 (now Elevate Women).  This business was created to support people in the most stressful time in their career, when they return to work.

As the business has grown, clients come to Kirsteen for a variety of reasons, not just because they are returning to work. They could be experiencing something personally which is impacting their confidence, they could have been promoted or are trying to get promoted and experiencing imposter syndrome. 

They might know they are capable of more and need support tapping into their full potential or they could be carrying around old unhelpful baggage that needs to be released for them to elevate. 

There are many reasons why we need support.

As a transformational confidence and transition coach, Kirsteen enables her clients to build unshakeable confidence so they can step up in their career, or step out and build a business.

 Kirsteen is a certified master of transformational health and life coaching, and a master of Feminine Power principles.

Combining these skills with her corporate and life experiences Kirsteen enables her clients to create the clarity, confidence, purpose, and balance they crave, to enable them to elevate themselves so they can elevate their career, business or message.

Kirsteen works with clients on a 121 basis as a transformational coach.  Kirsteen also has a group coaching programme which enables new coaches to build a thriving coaching practice. She is also a speaker and a transformational facilitator.

To book your place at this session email Jayne or Irene.

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