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May 2016


The coaching world is fascinating and complex with many different approaches and frameworks available.  Having completed her foundation diploma with The OCM in 2012 and now as a practising internal coach with PwC, Lucy Mair realised it would take some time before her own unique ‘voice’ as a coach could develop.

In this session, Lucy shares some thoughts on her continuing learning journey as a coach and how she identified a way to express her own personal approach to coaching.  Inspired by the world of design – in particular product design – she has discovered a set of principles that now inform her work with coaching clients and provide her with a sense of personal direction for future development and growth.

Lucy Mair Lucy will be ‘in the chair’ (literally) for our May session to lead an interactive discussion as we each discover or share our ‘coaching voice’.

April 2016

April 2016

Do you think it is part of the role of the coach to offer feedback to the client? 

What could that feedback be about?

How can a coach offer feedback effectively and still honour a more non-directive approach?

Is it OK for the coach to ask for feedback? How? In what circumstances? When? 

Mention the word feedback and most people immediately anticipate hearing some harsh words about their short comings and failures. It’s hardly surprising that many shy away from the subject and subsequently withhold vital information from others. But what if we took a fresh approach which saw feedback as a wholly positive, life enhancing and on going part of each coaching session? What if we delivered the feedback in a way that helped a client gain new insights that lead to sustainable transformation in behaviours, feelings and assumptions? What if the client finished a session with a heart felt,  ‘thank you so much for your observations and thoughts’ that’s lifted a weight from my shoulders’? What value would be then be adding?

Lesley Matile established Peak Performance Coaching in 2000 following an earlier career in the Probation Service. She is eternally grateful for some fantastic and timely feedback which lead to her making key changes. She has also survived well feedback given in temper, for the purpose of playing power games and delivered without any recognisable skill.

In this interactive session, Lesley shares what she believes to be good practice for coaches in delivering feedback, with the models and structures that have served her clients well for the last 15 years. A growth mindset is central to giving and receiving feedback and that will be explored. She also explains how she gathers feedback from clients to ensure that clients are getting what they need and her own practice stays fresh and sharp.

Come prepared to get involved, knowing that you will leave with new ways to help your clients excel.


March 2016

March 2016

High performing and resilient teams are the powerhouses of every organisation. Adaptability to change, continual improvement through innovation and increased collaborative working are some of the hallmarks of contemporary team working. Underpinning this more fluid and mobile approach, is the teams resilience.

In this session, I will be exploring the following:

  • The core hallmarks of resilient teams and the links to high performing teams
  • What diagnostics, approaches and interventions are the most effective to use
  • The benefits of a team coaching approach in developing resilient teams

I will share my experiences and thinking behind approaches utilised with a number of clients’ including Laterooms, TUI travel group, the NHS and the Institute and faculty of actuaries. 

My style tends to be highly interactive so in line with all the best coaching approaches to presentations and learning, be prepared to get involved! 

JuneElaine Akester, founder of emintell Ltd, is a highly experienced executive coach, facilitator and ex-practising lawyer. One of her particular areas of interest and expertise is in resilience, for both individuals and teams within organisational settings. Together with a fellow coach, Julie Hickton, Elaine has developed a new model and programme in resilience development, building on the work of other researchers and experts in this area. Elaine is an EMCC UK volunteer and speaks regularly on this topic at a range of forums, including at coaching and NHS conferences, and is an engaging and highly credible presenter.

February 2016

Feb 2016

Ask the questions you really want the answers to.

Learn what coaches who are using neuroscience are doing and saying.

Explore how you could start to learn more … avoiding the pitfalls.

An interactive session sharing some recent updates in the field along with the opportunities to explore this fascinating field. Bring what you already know along with your curious mind.

Amy BrannAmy Brann works with orgnizations strengthening their strategy, culture and performance. Her team at Synaptic Potential works globally sharing reliably simple applications of neuroscience that lead to game changing insights and results. Having partnered with Bangor University’s Behavior Change Centre the trainings gained additional credibility from the input of thorough researchers. She is the author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ & ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ & ‘Engaged: The neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organizations’.

January 2016

Jan 16 banner

In this session with international voice coach Priscilla Morris we’ll cover:

  • The science behind communication
  • Understanding your voice and how to develop it
  • How to use the voice to make your message memorable
  • Adjusting the voice for influence
  • Exercises to improve clarity and modulation

Jan CCPriscilla Morris has over 40 years experience as a voice and acting coach, examiner, adjudicator and speaker worldwide.  She is acknowledged as one of the top business voice coaches in the U.K.  Her company, Loud & Clear Voice Coaching, works with individuals, SME’s and corporate companies to recognise the importance of the voice as a sales and marketing tool.

She is delighted to have the opportunity to share her expertise with you as part of the Coaching Connections programme. A great start to the year!