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September 2022

Vikki will discuss online group coaching, in which either small discrete groups of clients, or larger memberships can be coached online. She will give hints and tips about how to make group coaching effective and what pitfalls to avoid.

There will be the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of this online group coaching approach, compared to individual coaching. Vikki will also share her experience of coaching people with ADHD and why group coaching can sometimes be a great option for people who share a common characteristic like ADHD.

Vikki Burns launched the PhD Life Coach after a personal journey during the pandemic, during which time through personal coaching she reduced her own negative self-talk, improved her ability to get things done and in many ways, changed her life. It was the realisation that she has (undiagnosed) ADHD which led her to seek support and find coaching.

Vikki is an ILM Level 5 Accredited Coach, is a qualified coach through The Life Coach School and an Associate member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She brings to her coaching work her experience of researching how stress affects health, a high level of experience in developing groupwork skills and experience of evaluating training programmes. 

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July 2022

As coaches we come across situations where someone shares their mental health concerns.

During this session we will have an opportunity to spend time sharing our experiences and techniques.

We will introduce you to:

  • A proven Mental Health action plan
  • A case study exploring how to use the action plan
  • Discussion re self -care and our support as coaches and mentors when working with clients who share their mental health concerns
  • Strategies to manage situations where a coachee is feeling fragile

Kate Wootton FCIPD MNCP

Kate is an accomplished management consultant and executive coach, having worked extensively for international corporations both in private and public sector.

She worked within the retail, automotive and manufacturing fields as Head of Learning and Development, Management Development Manager and Training Manager for over 15 years and comes from a strong background as Operations Manager.

In 2003 she set up The Ripple Concept Ltd and her experience is in developing and delivering Leadership development, resilience and communications skills programmes.

Kate moved into Mental Health training in 2018 as it brought back into focus her studies in psychology.  She is passionate about understanding as much as she can about people’s behaviours so that she can support them.She runs Mental Health First Aid, Awareness, Champion and Refresher courses as well as wellbeing and resilience programmes within the NHS and businesses.

Kate brings her own particular experience in to each course she runs.

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May 2022

The May Coaching Connections session is designed to share the wisdom within our group giving you the time to think about how to find and develop your coaching niche. Even if building a coaching business is not for you, this session will help you to reflect on your “signature” and how you show up as a coach.

The session will include three key parts and will be led by Jayne Sharples and Irene Bayliss with contributions from our panel of coaches:

  • Asha Gosh – Women and creative and communications sector
  • Diane Rance – Corporate and senior leadership coaching
  • Sarah Robinson – Retirement and career coaching
  • Eve Uhlig – Researchers in Higher Education

In part one the panel will share their experience of finding and developing a niche, and their top tips based on what they have learned along the way. You will have the chance to ask questions in the plenary before a deeper dive in small breakout groups in part two of the session.

The group time in part two will give participants the chance to work with one of the panel members choosing the speaker which most resonates in terms of alignment to your coaching journey. You will be given the chance to reflect on your own situation and to work with others to explore options, opportunities and next steps. Whether you have a successful coaching practice which you want to grow, or you are at the start of your journey or if you simply want to reflect on how you show up as a coach then there will be space for you to think and to tap in to the wisdom of the group.

Our final part of the session is about next steps and action. With a thinking partner you will have the chance to reflect on your learning from the morning and to commit to actions.

We look forward to a motivating session which will enable a sharing of wisdom from within the Coaching Connections community.

The names of our panel members will be announced in due course.

Irene and Jayne are the group co-ordinators for Coaching Connections, go to About Us to find out more.

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March 2022

What key issue will the session address?

In this session David will share some Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence tools to help coaches develop a greater self-awareness within their coaching practice; tools which will improve their coaching effectiveness and results.

As a mentor once said to him: “David, you can only take your coachees as deep as you have been prepared to go yourself”

Why ‘Soul of Coaching’?
 “Soul” is about who a person most deeply is (Margaret Benefiel, ‘The Soul of a Leader’, 2008)

‘Soul of Coaching is about empowering clients to get in touch with the deepest understanding of who they truly are, ..and express this understanding, their unique soul gifts, in the workplace.’ (David Wetton, 2019)

Who is David Wetton?

David is a Faith Based Executive Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Thought Leader and UK Warwick Business School Alumni Mentor.
David brings a deep understanding of what gives meaning and purpose to life from the perspective of the Soul; and making a difference to the lives of others through transformational coaching

Why Should I Attend?
‘David Wetton is one of those rare human beings, with an extraordinary depth to his being and his work. When I met him for the first time it was as if my soul “recognized” him. I can’t speak highly enough of his work, Soul of Coaching will be an extraordinary training, get there if you can!’
~ Jayne Warrilow, Founder of Coaches Business School, Business & Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author

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January 2022

As we begin the New Year, it’s a good time to reflect on our vision; not just what we will do, but who we will be in 2022.

It’s easy, isn’t it, to slip into forgetting that our mindsets will significantly influence our behaviours. Where have we lost focus, and I wonder what mantras we have allowed to sneak upon us and get in our way of being our best?

In this session, we will define the terms mindsets and mantras. We will do a quick health check on what it is we are currently believing and assuming and what it is that we are saying to ourselves. What is helpful or less so? Once articulated, we can cherish and preserve what works well for us, and we can begin to adjust what doesn’t help us excel. 

Sounds a bit heavy? Well, I expect we will have a few giggles with each other as we go!

Lesley Matile is a regular presenter at Coaching Connections and a well-regarded coach in the Midlands and beyond. She established Peak Performance Coaching in 2000 following an earlier career in the Probation Service. She delivers executive coaching, coach training and coach supervision. She is accredited by the EMCC at Master Practitioner Level and accredited as a Time to Think Coach.

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