November 2019

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Kim Morgan has recently authored her second book ‘ The Coach’s Survival Guide’  and she will be basing her facilitated session on part of the contents  ‘How to Run Group Coaching Programmes’ .

The Coach’s Survival Guide is an easy to use, accessible book, grounded in practice and experience and includes case studies drawn from real-life practice.  It is rooted in the real world, normalising the insecurities felt by many coaches and acknowledging the realities of building a coaching business, while addressing the everyday issues that can hinder a coach’s performance or confidence.

Focusing on her experience from creating coach training and professional development programmes for coaches for the last 20 years, Kim Morgan answers all of the burning questions new coaches have on getting their business started, choosing clients to work with and most importantly, their self-care. The Coach’s Survival Guide seeks to normalise the almost inevitable feelings of self-doubt felt by coaches, particularly in the initial stages of their new career.

Kim Morgan is Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of coaching and University Accredited Coach Training. Kim was one of the UK’s first executive business and personal coaches, who has pioneered and led externally certified University Masters Level Post Graduate Awards in Coach Training since 2001.

Kim is a sought-after conference speaker on all aspects of coaching and coach education, leadership and leadership development, psychology and change management. With over 25 years’ experience of psychology and people development, across all sectors of public and private business, Kim draws extensively on her experiences of what universally works to make great leaders, successful individuals, successful teams and outstanding organisations.

Kim morganKim is a specialist in delivering coach education at all levels within organisations, working to help them to implement a coaching culture. Kim specialises in working with senior leaders, team coaching and working with senior teams to bring about greater cohesion and performance and improved results. “Spending time in Kim’s company is one of life’s great pleasures. Kim has a rare talent to understand the mind and help you arrange the contents to the very best effect for your personal and professional  wellbeing”   Professor Damian Hughes

October 2019

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As Winston Churchill said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts!”

Sounds a little dramatic doesn’t it? Well the fact of it is we can all suffer from “business development paralysis” as a result of how we process rejection and fail to build resilience. 

What you can expect from this session:

  • Understand why sales activity may not translate into actual new business
  • Managing the impact of self-limiting beliefs on business development
  • Dealing with automatic negative thoughts
  • How Cognitive Behavioural Coaching can improve business development
  • Increase your self-confidence

Coaches may be familiar with some aspects of the above. The objective of the session will be to help you understand more about how it applies to sales. Helping those who run their own independent practice to apply new tactics for business development activity. Helping others to reflect more broadly to consider implications for when working with clients from within the business world.

image1Nick Banyard has extensive experience in Country Manager and Sales Director roles at Management Board level and a sustained record of success in driving significant sales growth and profitability Nick has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of sales, sales training and sales leadership and management. An award-winning sales leader, Nick has held a various positions in the sales hierarchy and is an expert in recruiting, training, developing, managing and leading sales teams. Working as a Consultant focussed on Leadership Development, Bespoke Coaching and Mentoring, Sales Advancement and Strategic Thinking & Planning Nick is passionate about helping others achieve success in sales and leadership.



September 2019


TRUST forms the foundation for every successful relationship, including relationships with existing and potential coachees. A trusted coach is one who is frequently recommended to others.Consider the last time you suspected someone of a wrong doing and the impact that it had on your relationship with them? A lack of TRUST puts everything into question and speculation driven by emotional reactions often overrides the rational and pragmatic reality.

Your reputation as a coach can be won or lost based on TRUST. A promise not kept, last minute changes, arriving late ………………….

David Maister et al have developed an equation for Trust, an equation that helps move trust from something that is intangible and difficult to describe, to something tangible.

Join us to explore the Trust equation and what Trust means for:            

  • You as a coach
  • Team coaching
  • Your coaching practice that you offer in your workplace or as part of your business

This highly interactive session will help you to identify how to build and deepen trust to grow your coaching practice/business.

Our facilitators:

The Manufacturer tall

Fiona AndersonvaluingYOU and My Change Expert, works in partnership with clients, ensuring that investment in change delivers results. Registered as an NHS Executive Coach, she creates the space for coachees to explore, develop and own their solutions to accelerate personal and business transformation. Founder of The Greater Birmingham Engage for Success Network, recognised as an Exemplar Driver of Culture Change by The Manufacturer, Awarded for Inspiring Employee Engagement in UK.


Diane Rance, Creating value with people, is a qualified Executive Coach and Mentor Diane Chamber link photowho works alongside senior leaders who want to take time to  develop themselves and their teams. She is solution focused and, having worked at an executive level herself, has a clear understanding of many of the challenges facing her clients. Diane is also a Council Member of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.


August 2019

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Our popular “Coaching in Trios” session is back for our August meeting and as usual it will include the opportunity to take part in a practical coaching sessions in trios (coach, coachee, observer) enabling you to learn through doing or observing coaching in action, or to receive a short coaching session on a topic you would like to focus on.

For those who prefer we will facilitate a networking opportunity, with the chance to chat in small groups about coaching topics of interest, including follow up to topics covered during in the Coaching Connections programme.  Often members and guests find this an excellent way to consolidate learning from earlier sessions, make useful contacts and gain new insights.

Join us in August for an excellent opportunity to reflect on the year so far and to think ahead to future plans and development opportunities.

The session will be facilitated by Irene Bayliss, Frances Hayes and Jayne Sharples

July 2019

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What is Street Wisdom?  It’s like coaching but without a coach!  It’s an event that involves walking in an urban environment, with your brain tuned up by your Street Wisdom guides, so that you pay attention to things you wouldn’t normally notice.  The result is that, whatever you want to think about, your innate wisdom will guide your attention to the information and answers in the streets that are helpful to you.  We so rarely stop to reflect and choose the best path – this is exactly that opportunity.

Why do it? Learn a new approach to working with clients.  You could take elements of this into your one-to-one client work, or you could run your own Street Wisdom events.

How does it work? We’ll set you off on a few short challenges to tune your brain up so that you’ll be ready to pay better attention to what’s around you.  Then you’ll wander the streets on your own, seeing what answers emerge.  To finish, we’ll come back together for a cup of tea to process what’s been discovered.

What kind of questions do people bring? Whatever’s important for you to think about or change just now?  It could be personal, work, and anything in between.

Who’s facilitating?  Helen Amery ( and Jean Fleming ( will be your Street Wisdom guides for the morning.  Both Helen and Jean are experienced Executive Coaches who qualified with Barefoot Coaching in 2014.  They both have a variety of corporate and smaller business experience.


Helen’s passion is to reconnect leaders to their innate brilliance, primarly working with Exec and Senior Leaders one-to-one, as groups and in teams.


Jean is passionate about helping women find fulfilment by defining the life they want to live and making a plan to start living that life – whether that is getting their next promotion, adjusting their work life balance or spending more time doing things they enjoy.