558th December        Themed Coaching Conversations, Jayne Sharples and Irene Bayliss

10th November     Resilience and Coaching, Jayne Sharples and Frances Hayes

13th October         Supervision, Katherine Long

8th September      What is going on in their heads?, Heather Jenkins

11th August           Team coaching and facilitation for performance

14th July                 Sales for Coaches/follow up to 2011 session, Colin Davies

9th June                 Themed Coaching

12th May               Connecting to Your Coaching with Performance, Lynne McWhinnie

14th April              The Art of Masterful Coaching, Aboodi Shabi

10th March           Contracting for Coaches, Lesley Matile

11th February      Return on Investment, Anita Pickerdon

7th January           Being at your best in 2012, Jayne Sharples and Irene Bayliss