‘Very many thanks, to you and Irene, for organising the online meeting with Katherine Long, it was truly amazing, not least that the technology worked so slickly!’ Eve Uhlig

‘As a freelance coach, I find the CC sessions invaluable in giving me new ideas, challenging and developing my own practice and providing the opportunity to try out different coaching skills in a safe and welcoming environment’. Sean Russell, Sean Russell Consulting

“Coaching connections is a fantastic way to meet fellow coaches, learn new tools and techniques as well as brush up on old ones. It’s a supportive forum to reflect on your own coaching  too.  I have always left  feeling enthused and with the confidence to experiment with what I have learnt.  I highly recommend Coaching Connections to budding as well as experienced coaches alike!” Sobia K Iqbal

“Coaching Connections is a brilliant way to network with other coaches whilst learning “new” skills and improving on on “old” ones. It’s a key part of my personal CPD. Every meeting improves my coaching and it’s great fun too!”
Claire Jenkins, 121 Interview Coaching, Birmingham

“As a trainee coach the group meetings are really valuable with support and topics of interest!   I’ve learnt so much the guest speakers are so informative.” Saine

“It always makes me think!” Garth Wood

“Coaching Connections has been great in allowing me to connect with people at different stages in their coaching journey, as a relatively new coach, I am able to ask questions and gain feedback from more experienced coaches.The speakers and topics are really varied and they really get me thinking about different areas of coaching and how I can apply it to my business. Coaching Connections is a really great group for coaches at all stages of their coaching career – I would highly recommend it.” Lisa Jackson, Business Strategist and Coach

“I’ve found the sessions I’ve been to of great value – thank you for setting up such a welcoming and stimulating environment at Coaching Connections” Emma O’Brien

“At every Coaching Connections meeting, I’m reminded of things I’ve learned and forgotten, pick up new ideas and information and challenge my own thinking. The varied subjects covered by excellent speakers make it an essential part of my professional development.  But more than that, the people who attend are interesting and supportive.” Fiona Cohn

“The people are friendly; the topics are relevant to current coaching practice; the presenters are informative and engaging and the sessions offer much to apply to myself and my clients. Many thanks to Irene, Jayne and Frances for their commitment and hard work in making all this happen.” Dilip Patel

“Coaching Connections is a great way to learn new skills and techniques with the added benefit of meeting Coaches from different industries and business environments. The relaxed and friendly approach makes it easy to connect with people for professional growth and network development.” Nick Banyard

“Great group of people, open, informative, a real opportunity to explore, share and develop new ideas, thinking and knowledge. Really helpful on a personal and professional level.” Coaching Connections member