November 2014


This session is based on aspects of ‘Coaching, Mentoring & Organisational Consultancy’ by Peter Hawkins & Nick Smith and in particular the Seven Eyed Model of Supervision. In February 2014 we considered some aspects of the coaching supervision model and how we can use this as coaches to enhance our effectiveness. Today we focus on another aspect of the model. Please note participating in this session does not require you to have been present at the previous one.  The mode we will be looking at focuses on ‘How the coach is consciously or unconsciously affected by coaching’ including how to enhance our recognition of this, how to respond appropriately and building the capacity of the coach over time. The session will be interactive and discussion based around exploration in small groups and shared learning.

Irene Bayliss is one of the coordinators for Coaching Connections and a founding member of the group. She has been an independent coach for 11 years and has also trained as a coach supervisor. Her business is EyeJBee Ltd – Coaching & Development Solutions.

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