January 2015

January meeting 2

Building on from her session last January on the MOTIVATE framework for coaching, Lesley will continue the motivation theme in this informative and interactive session.

Surely coaching is in itself motivational. Why should I pay specific and continual attention to client   motivation?

Lets face it, coaching can be tough for the client;

  • they may have insights about themselves that they don’t particularly like
  • they might find that progress towards their goal is tougher than they imagined
  • they may not get the support they hoped for

What a tragedy it is when the coaching peters out as the client becomes discouraged. Both coach and client are left frustrated that the sessions did not deliver the potential that great coaching offers.

It does not have to be like that. The coach needs to pay attention to all things motivational.

Lesley will share some Motivation Essentials that coaches can use to help each client find, build and maintain the energy and determination to succeed … and to do that succeeding in style. Expect some valuable and concise inputs, a few stories and plenty of time to practise the ideas presented.

Lesley Matile

Lesley established Peak Performance Coaching Ltd in 2000. She delivers executive coaching, coach training and coach supervision. She is accredited by EMCC at Master Practitioner Level.

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