November 2017

Lucy Mair.001

Lucy Mair will be facilitating a highly interactive CPD session with opportunities to gain insights, as well as to apply and share learning.

Lucy has a background in providing leadership development for key talented Senior Managers and Directors within a global leadership development programme in the corporate sector since 2001.

Qualifying as an Executive Coach with the OCM in 2012, working with a diverse portfolio of Senior Managers, Directors and Partners to enable career transition, improved performance, deeper self-knowledge and an ongoing curiosity for development.
Lucy Mair

Lucy’s coaching approach is inspired by the philosophy of Dieter Rams (‘wenniger aber besser’ – Less but better). Explorative of the client’s broader environment and personal context or system: as minimal as possible: helping clients concentrate on essential issues, energy and cut through non-essentials or distractions. Coaching from a place of simplicity through an open conversation, providing the client with time and space to think.

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