March 2018

March 2018 Meeting banner template copy.001 copyUnleashing the Power of Inclusion                

Facilitated by Linbert Spencer

This event will help you to understand that ‘Inclusion’ is not just a word that you add into your conversations about equality and/or diversity, inclusion lies at the very heart of high quality sustainable team and organisational performance.

We will discuss:

  • a formula for performance and its implications for coaches and mentors
  • explore different aspects of diversity and the extent to which our understanding of self in this regard can enable us to better support our clients
  • experience two powerful tools that we can use to enable our clients to see how they can unleash the power of inclusion in their teams


Linbert Spencer OBE has facilitated seminars and workshops across the world. He is an innovative, inspirational facilitator with proven experience of effective board level and community interventions, and leadership team development.

Linbert has over 40 years experience as a consultant and trainer specialising in inclusion, leadership and performance management .

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