October 2015

October 2015

Our October session on “The Business of Coaching” will give you the opportunity to discuss questions and topics in small peer groups, sharing ideas and approaches to developing a successful coaching practice. Whether you work freelance or within an organisational setting there will be opportunity to focus on a topic of interest to you.

A closing plenary will give us the chance to pull together key points emerging from the discussions, helping us all to move forward with our personal strategies.

The following questions form some subject areas to focus on. As ever, we welcome any other aspects to be explored by participants at the session.

• What is involved in being a freelance coach and what strategies might be used to ensure a healthy life work balance?
• What strategies might be employed to maximise opportunities to use and publicise coaching skills amongst appropriate audiences?
• What lessons can be learned from starting up own business?
• What approaches have been effective in growing coaching businesses and opportunities?
• What experiences can be drawn upon and shared amongst our pool of coaches?

The session will be facilitated by group leaders – Irene, Frances and Jayne.

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