February 2016

Feb 2016

Ask the questions you really want the answers to.

Learn what coaches who are using neuroscience are doing and saying.

Explore how you could start to learn more … avoiding the pitfalls.

An interactive session sharing some recent updates in the field along with the opportunities to explore this fascinating field. Bring what you already know along with your curious mind.

Amy BrannAmy Brann works with orgnizations strengthening their strategy, culture and performance. Her team at Synaptic Potential works globally sharing reliably simple applications of neuroscience that lead to game changing insights and results. Having partnered with Bangor University’s Behavior Change Centre the trainings gained additional credibility from the input of thorough researchers. She is the author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ & ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ & ‘Engaged: The neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organizations’.

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