March 2016

March 2016

High performing and resilient teams are the powerhouses of every organisation. Adaptability to change, continual improvement through innovation and increased collaborative working are some of the hallmarks of contemporary team working. Underpinning this more fluid and mobile approach, is the teams resilience.

In this session, I will be exploring the following:

  • The core hallmarks of resilient teams and the links to high performing teams
  • What diagnostics, approaches and interventions are the most effective to use
  • The benefits of a team coaching approach in developing resilient teams

I will share my experiences and thinking behind approaches utilised with a number of clients’ including Laterooms, TUI travel group, the NHS and the Institute and faculty of actuaries. 

My style tends to be highly interactive so in line with all the best coaching approaches to presentations and learning, be prepared to get involved! 

JuneElaine Akester, founder of emintell Ltd, is a highly experienced executive coach, facilitator and ex-practising lawyer. One of her particular areas of interest and expertise is in resilience, for both individuals and teams within organisational settings. Together with a fellow coach, Julie Hickton, Elaine has developed a new model and programme in resilience development, building on the work of other researchers and experts in this area. Elaine is an EMCC UK volunteer and speaks regularly on this topic at a range of forums, including at coaching and NHS conferences, and is an engaging and highly credible presenter.

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