January 2017


What are the aims of the workshop?

Coaches will reflect on and gain greater clarity about the importance of:

  1. Defining the concept of creativity for effective communication: What is creativity?
  2. Transforming our culture creatively: How can coaching for creativity transform our culture (expressed in our vision, mission and values)?

Why is this topic relevant to Coaching Connections attendees?

This workshop will enable coaches to explore their creativity paradigm and identify at least seven key aspects that are fundamental in coaching for creativity. They will make connections between creativity and culture expressed through vision, mission and values and reflect on the impact of creatively changing our culture by changing our vision, mission and values.

pastedgraphic-1Jesvir Mahil has over 30 years’ experience of teaching and coaching teachers and managers of Business, Administration and Law.  She is passionate about coaching for creativity, empowering professionals to collaborate.

To further refine her expertise in development of creativity skills, Jesvir is currently researching for a PhD in Education at the University of Birmingham.


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