March 2019

march meeting

Finding your place with your coaching practice

As we evolve as coaches and gain more experience and skills it can be useful to reflect on our coaching practice.  To get clear on our skills, strengths and experiences not only helps our clients understand what we do, but can also help us to find our true place in the coaching world.

Nicky Lowe of Luminate Coaching and Wisdom for Working Mums will be facilitating a highly interactive CPD session with opportunities to gain insights as well as reflect on your coaching practice. She will be sharing the process she uses to reflect on her own coaching business drawing on the theory and practice of systemic coaching and constellations.

In this session Nicky will:

  • Create a process to help you to reflect on your coaching style and practice
  • Create opportunities to share, learn and practice systemic coaching constellations techniques 
  • Help you to find your place in the coaching world and articulate that to your clients 

Nicky Lowe

Nicky is an APECS accredited coach. Since becoming a qualified coach in 2006 Nicky feels privileged that she is invited by some of the world’s biggest companies to support their leaders.  She also runs an online coaching resource for working mothers.  

To find out more about Nicky and her work, visit her websites: and


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