June 2019

For our June session, Lucy Mair-Winter will be taking a look at Nancy Kline’s approach to thinking, listening and questioning with plenty of time to put some of the key principles into practice.
 ‘Everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first.  Our thinking depends on the quality of our attention for each other.’
The approach is applicable for organisations, teams, individuals and provides thinking sessions which bring about rapid and dependable organisational and personal development.
If you want to do some reading ahead of the session, Nancy Kline’s approach is set out in her book: Time to Think: Listening to ignite the Human Mind. (Octopus Publishing Group).
‘Organisations, families, relationships can become Thinking Environments again, where good ideas abound, action follows and people flourish.’

Lucy Mair

Lucy has a background in providing leadership development for key talented Senior Managers and Directors within a global leadership development programme in the corporate sector since 2001.  She qualified as an Executive Coach with the OCM in 2012 and works with a diverse portfolio of Senior Managers, Directors and Partners to enable career transition, improved performance, deeper self-knowledge and an ongoing curiosity for development.

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