July 2019

July meeting copy 3.001

What is Street Wisdom?  It’s like coaching but without a coach!  It’s an event that involves walking in an urban environment, with your brain tuned up by your Street Wisdom guides, so that you pay attention to things you wouldn’t normally notice.  The result is that, whatever you want to think about, your innate wisdom will guide your attention to the information and answers in the streets that are helpful to you.  We so rarely stop to reflect and choose the best path – this is exactly that opportunity.

Why do it? Learn a new approach to working with clients.  You could take elements of this into your one-to-one client work, or you could run your own Street Wisdom events.

How does it work? We’ll set you off on a few short challenges to tune your brain up so that you’ll be ready to pay better attention to what’s around you.  Then you’ll wander the streets on your own, seeing what answers emerge.  To finish, we’ll come back together for a cup of tea to process what’s been discovered.

What kind of questions do people bring? Whatever’s important for you to think about or change just now?  It could be personal, work, and anything in between.

Who’s facilitating?  Helen Amery (www.wildfigsolutions.co.uk) and Jean Fleming (www.jeanfleming.com) will be your Street Wisdom guides for the morning.  Both Helen and Jean are experienced Executive Coaches who qualified with Barefoot Coaching in 2014.  They both have a variety of corporate and smaller business experience.


Helen’s passion is to reconnect leaders to their innate brilliance, primarly working with Exec and Senior Leaders one-to-one, as groups and in teams.


Jean is passionate about helping women find fulfilment by defining the life they want to live and making a plan to start living that life – whether that is getting their next promotion, adjusting their work life balance or spending more time doing things they enjoy.


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