May 2021

“Coaching Ethics: integrity in the moment of choice.” Allard de Jong

We sign up to a Code of Ethics.  We contract with our clients to keep them and us safe. We have supervision to support our practice and our wellbeing.

So much of this is about what we do in the coaching space.

Coaching Connections on May 8th is going to help us connect with who we are in the coaching space – how we bring our whole selves to a coaching relationship.

Liz Wilson is co-author of Emotional Intelligence Coaching and wrote the chapter around Coaching ethics and best practice. Liz says “the intention of this session is to give us an opportunity to get up close and personal with ethics, best practice and our own emotional intelligence as coaches.” 

We’ll spend some time discussing ethical dilemmas and solutions. We’ll also explore how our emotional intelligence supports us to make the best decision in the moment, when we pay attention to it.

If you feel drawn to do so, please send any ethical dilemmas you might have experienced, or that would be interesting to consider, to Liz in advance at

Please ensure you have paper and pen with you, or the digital version if that’s your preference.

Liz Wilson is a creative qualified coach, accredited to PCC within the International Coach Federation and speciailises in coaching leaders and high potential individuals.

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